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Companion Care of Woodinville Celebrates First Anniversary

Published in the Snohomish County Tribune – June, 2005

By: Becky Reed

Companion Care, Inc., a senior and disabled care service, recently celebrated its first year anniversary in Woodinville.

Merri Klein began Companion Care in 1984 with encouragement from her mother, Ruth, who had owned and operated the same type of business for over 20 years in Indiana.

Klein realized what a valuable resource her mother’s business was and set out to create a niche in home care for the elderly and disabled in Snohomish County.

“We provide everything from companionship, home making skills, shopping, preparing meals, doing laundry, changing linens to offering personal care. The big distinction between us and nursing homes would be that our clients have to be able to support their own weight. And the big difference is in terms of medication . . . We can remind people to take their medication,” said Klein.

Klein has prided herself on increasing the independence of seniors by allowing them to stay in their own homes longer while providing assurance to the client’s family that their loved one is safe.

Klein stated, “There are a lot of reasonable alternatives that can be worked out with someone like us that will help their life a lot — and it’s not going to cost a forturne.” Klein added, “I don’t think people realize that there are many options. They just see the huge costs of institutionalization. Or they are faced with putting a family member in a home and they don’t want to do that.”

Klein, who is also active in the Woodinville Senior Center as a member of the senior arts group and steering committee understands seniors and their families’ concerns and needs for services. “Our goal is to work one on one with each client and their family to find the best possible solution that meets with their needs,” said Klein.

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