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Four end of life care questions Kirkland caregivers need to ask

While thinking about your elderly loved one’s eventual passing is difficult and emotional, it is vital that their wishes, regarding their end of life care are known, so that they can be honored. While this is important for any elderly person and their family, it is especially important for those with Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other condition that may leave them unable to express their wishes properly.

End of life care essentially embodies the medical treatment and assistance your loved one would prefer in the final days of their lives or in the event of an advanced, incurable terminal illness or condition. If you feel you need to approach this discussion with your loved one, it’s important that it is done sensitively and with respect. Some questions which need to be asked include:

  1. If you weren’t able to make medical or financial decisions for yourself, who would you like to speak for you? This should be formalized through a lawyer in the form of a medical or a financial power of attorney.
  2. Where would you like to receive your end of life care? There are several options available for end of life care, from hospice or hospital care to home care offered by professional home care agencies.
  3. Would you want to receive aggressive medical treatments to prolong your life? For example, mechanical ventilation, tube feeding and resuscitation (CPR). You should discuss under what circumstances these treatments can be used and how long they should be in place if your loved one shows no improvement.
  4. If you developed a terminal illness or condition, what kind of care would you prefer? Terminal conditions and illnesses can progressively erode your loved one’s independence, so it’s important to find out how they would like to be cared for in these situations. If your loved one prefers home care, there are several options for assistance, including services for running errands, preparing meals and providing transport as well as counselling and 24 hour personal care. These choices should be documented allowing your family andthe home care agency to provide all the support that is needed or desired.

Home care agencies preserve comfort and quality of life

At Companion Care, our end of life services are designed to insure your loved one is kept comfortable and expertly cared for . We understand how difficult this time can be and our compassionate, highly qualified staff will be there for you and your family as well as your loved one. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive support and assistance during this difficult time. For more information on our family elder care services, please contact us today.


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