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Our Team

Our staff, both in the office and  in the field, provide extensive support for our clients, their families and each other. It is this collaborative, caring environment that ensures all of the details are taken care of for our clients.

Our staff undergoes rigorous screening  including checking all references and undergoing a Federal background check.  All field staff are licensed, bonded and insured and receive training as a Home Care Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant as well as ongoing continuing education to ensure they have the skills they need. Most important they have the full support of our office staff to ensure the client is protected at all times

We encourage you to take a moment to learn about us!

Meet Our Office Staff

Rainbow Quam, BM

Rainbow Quam - Branch Manager - email

Rainbow joined CCI in May of 2022. Previously, she worked at an assisted living facility as a Resident Care Coordinator and a Memory Care Director. Rainbow has years of on-the-job experience having worked with clients, families, medical professionals, and state auditors. With Family Resource Health Care (formerly Companion Care), she truly enjoys meeting clients and visiting them in their homes and then working to match up the best caregiver who will connect the most with each client.

Rainbow was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys fishing year-round in the Puget Sound along with hunting for Chantrelle mushrooms in the Cascade mountains every weekend in the fall, rain, or shine. She gardens every Spring growing many vegetables in which she forces co-workers to take home with them.

Lea Areitio, Client Care Supervisor

Lea Areitio - Client Care Supervisor - email

Meet Lea Areitio, our dedicated Client Care Supervisor at the Woodinville branch. With a passion for ensuring exceptional customer experiences, Lea brings a wealth of expertise and a customer-centric approach to her role. Her commitment to fostering a positive and supportive environment for both clients and team members sets the tone for outstanding service. Lea's leadership is characterized by a keen attention to detail, a strong emphasis on communication, and a genuine dedication to addressing the unique needs of each client. In the heart of Woodinville, Lea plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every interaction with our branch is marked by professionalism, efficiency, and a personalized touch.



Yvette Moreno-Robles, CGM

Yvette Moreno-Robles - Caregiver Manager - email

Yvette comes from a Mexican family that devotes its efforts to helping others. Yvette decided to go into home care because it embodies her family’s motto; “Caring for others is just what you do.” Knowing she wanted to cultivate her passion for helping and serving others, she attended Lake Washington Technical College and earned her Home Care Aid license.  Yvette also obtained her Med Tech and Nurse Delegation Certification allowing her to work alongside hospice teams, providing hands-on comfort and support to individuals facing life-limiting illnesses.

Yvette joined our team in 2017 where she started working as a part-time caregiver and HR assistant.  Quickly learning that helping others through a supervisory role was a passion of hers, she knew that Human Resources was the field for her.  Yvette brings 10 years of experience as a caregiver which helps her focus attention on managing our staff. She also uses her strong organizational skills in managing the office.

Alongside raising her most pride possessions, her children, Yvette loves spending her time building a strong office team that enjoys working together like a family.

On Yvette's free time she enjoys hiking, camping, going to her child's sports games, and spending time with her friends and family.

Daya Valdez, CCS

Daya Valdez - Client Care Supervisor - email

Daya comes from a Mexican background. At a young age, Daya has always found herself helping others. She enjoys putting a smile on others and making them feel better. Daya knew she wanted to help others, so to pursue her dream she went to Westfield Nursing Insitute to obtain her CNA license.

Daya join us in May of 2021, as a caregiver. Later then joined our office staff in May of 2022 as our Recruiter.

In her free time, Daya enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys going to the gym and loves animals. One day she hopes to own a monkey.

Christi Peek, Caregiver Manager

Christi Peek- Caregiver Manager - email

Christi, who was born and raised in Washington State, went to Washington State University, Go Cougs!!

She lives in Gold Bar with her husband and her five dogs. She loves going on walks and playing with her dogs. She is into cars and has been working on her vehicles including a suburban. Christi is fun and very pleasant to speak to. She jokes that her hair is often as loud as her voice.

Christi has a background in customer service for about 10+ years working in many different positions from Dental Assistant to a 911 dispatcher. Currently, she has joined our team as our scheduler and she is looking forward to working with everyone.


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