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Peg M – 10/07/2022

Ann and Staff

I would like to thank you all for taking such good care l my mom. It truly was a blessing for me.

May God bless you for your kindness. My mom loves all the girls. Thanks again.

— Peg M

Liz, Eric, Joe, Jen and Nick – 9/1/2022

To All of the Wonderful, Amazing Companion Care staff

We want to thank you all so very much for all your loving attention and dedicated care shown to our parents, David and Bonnie. We know it was not easy taking care of our dad, but you showed him amazing and compassionate service and continue to do so for our mom. She has loved having the caregivers as her friends and we were all so happy to have her in your capable hands. You do great work, and we appreciate every one of you!   With heartfelt thanks.

— Liz, Eric, Joe, Jen and Nick

Ron and Sue N – 6/1/22

The Companion Care staff have been so caring and helpful. We will miss the ones that have been with us and caring for Ron daily. Thank you for everything.

— Ron and Sue N, residents of the Creekside

Margaret J. – 5/19/2022

Thank you for your wonderful service. Your caregivers Nancy, Tabby and Fransiska were wonderful and so skilled and helpful.

— Margaret J.

Jan G. – 5/16/2022

Thank you for the very nice experience with your agency! So kind, so professional.

— Jan G.

Donna M – 5/14/2022

Thank you all so much for all your hard work and the excellent care you deliver to my father. As a daughter I am incredibly grateful. It is such a relief for me to know he is being looked after when I am not there, by your professional and trustworthy staff.

— Donna M

Fran and Vivian C. – 4/4/2022

Hello Merri,
Thank you for the service your company provided my mother when she was in the nursing home. I have to give kudos to Enana and Fatu (I know I am spelling her name wrong). My mother liked them the best saying that she felt very cared for with these two companions.

— Fran and Vivian C.

Sue T. – 4/3/022

Eb has already made a very positive contribution to our lives. George enjoys him thoroughly and looks spending time with him. His positivity and energy are great for both of us. With him, it seems we will be able to stay in our home Thank you for finding the right person for us.

— Sue T.

Barbara – 2/7/2022

Thanks so much for all the time and interest taking care of Carl. Teng and Katherine were special. Katherine is so worthy of extra Kudos. She was there when Carl passed and was such a comfort to me. I will certainly recommend your company to everyone I know.

— Barbara

Tommy V. – 10/6/2021

I have had excellent serve from Companion Care for almost 3 years now. Nancy M. has been the care person for my wife and myself during that time. My wife has moved to the Monroe Care center. That has left me alone and needing help because of my physical infirmities. Nancy has been very industrious and attentive. She is hard working and has a tender heart. My wife and I have been blessed to have found your service.

— Tommy V.

Kay V – 10/5/2021

I was very pleased with the care my husband Les received. The caregivers were very timely and did very gentle care even if he complained sometimes. I recently needed help for myself when I came home from the hospital and immediately called CCI!

— Kay V

Jean W – 9/6/2021

I can’t thank you enough for your services and keeping in touch with my daughter Eve, who resides in California. Your care and kindness have been such a big help.

— Jean W

Ginny E. – 8/31/2021

Thank you for your great service. You have excellent, caring CNA’s and I am so glad I chose you from the hospital list. I believe the Lord directed me in this difficult decision. I will not hesitate to refer you to others. Evelina, you impressed me when I first called. You all really care and have integrity. In gratitude

Kay S 5/2020

Thanks you so much for caring for John We are grateful to you for the peace of mine knowing that your folks are handling things and keeping an eye on John.

Kathy C 4/27/2021

The time has come for me to place my mom into an Adult Family Home and so we will be ending our contract with Companion Care. I appreciate the help Companion Care and specifically Tiffany has provided me over the last several months on our journey. It has meant so much.

Linda K. 2/21/2021

Heather is an amazing caregiver, the most wonderful caregiver I have ever had. She is kind, thoughtful, always has my safety in the forefront of her mind, smart, and very quickly came to understand my personality and patterns of behavior. Whereas I am a bit impulsive, Heather is practical and thinks things through. Everything Heather does is done with a knowledge of what would benefit me physically and emotionally. She is extremely professional, and as a bonus, Heather is a fantastic chef

Kathy C 1/2021

To the Wonderful Staff, thank you so much for all your support and help in caring for my brother, Mark. Your kindness and devotion was so much appreciated. Could not have gotten him this far without your help. I will always be grateful for everything you did to help.

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