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Ten signs your elderly loved one needs home care services

One of the biggest fears connected with growing older is the fear of losing our independence. However, there comes a time in all of our lives where we’re going to need help, whether it’s to look after ourselves, deal with an illness, care for a spouse or maintain our home. If you’re worried your parents or elderly loved one can no longer maintain his or her quality of life, it’s important that they get the support they deserve. Here are ten signs your loved one needs assistance:

  1. Uncharacteristic neglect of daily tasks: For example, dishes piling up in the kitchen which has always been kept clean in the past, piles of laundry that were never there before, general dirtiness in a home that always used to be kept clean.
  2. Difficulty with walking, getting up, sitting, balance and mobility.
  3. Unexplained bruising as well as wounds that aren’t being treated or aren’t healing properly.
  4. A decline in personal grooming and hygiene.
  5. Loss of interest in social gatherings, hobbies and activities which used to be a highlight in his or her life.
  6. Forgetting to take medication or over/under dosing on medication.
  7. Diagnosis of dementia or early onset Alzheimer’s or one spouse is having difficulty caring for a spouse with either of these conditions.
  8. Forgetfulness of appointments, social engagements, whether or not the oven is off, etc.
  9. Bills going unpaid and unanswered correspondence piling up.
  10. Unexplained damage to the car.

While convincing your loved one to commit to getting some assistance at home can be a sensitive process, it’s important they get the help they need before any problems become more severe.

Essential services available from caregivers to the elderly

A home care agency can offer the perfect balance for independent elderly people and their loved ones, providing fully customizable home care services through experienced, friendly caregivers while ensuring your loved one has as much independence as possible.

At Companion Care, we work with you and your elderly loved one to find a solution that works for all parties. With services ranging from light housekeeping, pet care and gardening to personal care, overnight care, 24/7 hour care and more, we’re able to support your loved one without affecting his or her independence.


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