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Defining the New Seniorhood: Rethinking Age and Citizenship in Later Life

Time seems to fly when you become an adult. Soon you’re being referred to as a senior. It is not surprising that for many people, the transition from adulthood to being a senior is challenging. Many don’t have a plan for what their lives ought to look like during their sunset years. Below, we take a look at what it means to reach senior citizen age and how best to plan for this period of life.

What is a Senior Citizen?

What age is senior citizen age? The definition of what senior citizen age is varies. Some people define a senior citizen as an individual that has reached the age of retirement. That is someone that is about 60 or 65 years old. Others define this age group as those that have accomplished their life goals such as having a business or raising a family and are now wise and experienced on matters to do with life in general.

Senior Citizen Age Across Different Cultures

The definition of how old is a senior citizen differs across different cultures and in different countries. For example senior citizen age USA is defined as an individual at or above 65 years of age. In the United Arab Emirates, this age threshold is much lower, at 60. While in Australia, an individual would not be considered a senior until they have reached the age of 67.

Factors that Influence The Definition of Seniorhood

There are various factors that influence what different cultures define as senior citizens. The definition of this age group is influenced by factors such as the society, health as well as demographic. Some people will only view an individual as a senior citizen if they have gray hair and have begun to develop various age-related disorders.

A more scientific approach for defining this age groups is by calculating the ratio between the size of the population of working adults to that of those that have retired. In recent years, the number of retired individuals has grown and this may lead to a change in the age used to defined seniors.

Another definition uses health-related factors. Seniors are defined as adults that need assistance with their activities of adult living (ADLs). These activities include day to day activities such as bathing and walking. This age group is also defined as those that have developed health conditions related to age such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Understanding how a person defines aging is important in determining how to help them along their journey.

What are the Legal Implications of Reaching Seniorhood?

While the thought of crossing over to the sunset years of your life can seem overwhelming, there are many positive things that you can look forward to in this later stage of life. This includes the many benefits that come with age. For example seniors enjoy special discounts offered by many businesses such as travel companies, grocery stores and even movie theaters.

Seniors also can begin to receive their retirement benefits and are entitled to healthcare support including Medicaid and Medicare. There are also various opportunities for tax deductions that you can take advantage of.

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