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Companion Care, Inc. Leads the Field for Comprehensive Assisted Living Type Services

For many seniors and people living with disabilities, daily life can be a struggle. Often, even the simplest tasks that many of us take for granted become harder and harder to complete with advancing age or with impairments caused by disabilities.   Everyone who is older or with a disability  has unique needs that must be met if they are to remain independent, living  in their own home.  Often the care they need is similar to that offered by assisted living facilities.  For people with these needs, Companion Care provides the help that they need by bringing   services like those offered by assisted living facilities to persons living in their own homes or in retirement communities.   Unlike some assisted living facilities where the client is required to sign up for a pre-set menu of services, Companion Care, Inc. offers a broad  range of assisted living like services  tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.  Companion Care is a pioneer in this field locally, offering customized services in clients’ homes since 2004 and in residential communities since 2008.   Companion Care, Inc. is always a leader in quality care because of their ability to match caregivers with clients to ensure that all client needs  are met by highly skilled, caring professional caregivers.

As one of the leading companies offering assisted living type services in the cities of Woodinville, Kirkland, Bothell and Lynnwood, Companion Care thrives on their understanding of unique client needs and responding to those needs with excellent care solutions. One specialty area for Companion Care is  Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory care.   The caregivers and case managers have worked for years with these clients and with their loved ones and have developed a deep understanding of the toll that these conditions take on people’s lives.   Companion Care  offers high quality responsive services that integrate the skills necessary to address an individual’s changing behaviors with a true understanding of all the  physical, emotional and social  implications of their condition.


Clients may be unsteady on their feet or pose a fall risk and therefore require overnight or live-in care. Companion Care can help by sending a caregiver trained and skilled at working with people who have mobility issues.  The caregiver will stay during the night and  early morning hours  to keep the client safe and independent and to assist with personal care and activities of daily living such as undressing and preparing for bed or getting up in the morning and preparing  for the day. This vital service is often the key to ensuring that clients remain active and independent and connected to the world around them. In addition, Companion Care also helps clients by sending live-in caregivers who are available to respond to 24-hour assisted living type needs. Live-in caregivers stay with the client day and night,  providing help with activities of daily living as well as personal care, meal preparation, light cleaning and laundry.  All jobs are completed with the utmost professionalism and care.


Sometimes, when family members care for their loved one, situations occur when the family member must be absent or special needs arise and a professional caregiver is needed. These scheduling needs may be occasional or on-going.   Companion Care will fill this need.  Companion Care’s respite care services are second-to-none within the field. They ensure that a caregiver is on-hand and ready to respond to the client’s unique needs when required by the loved one. Whether a caregiver or a team of caregivers is required to respond to a client’s needs in order to fill in for a family member, Companion Care is ready to respond today.

To learn more about the great options available to clients from  the team at Companion Care, Inc., contact the company directly and speak with one of the company’s highly qualified service professionals. Personalized care services are now available for your family members.

About Companion Care, inc.:

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Woodinville, WA, Companion Care, inc. is one of the foremost providers of in-home care solutions in the State of Washington. To learn more, please visit the company’s website at


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