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Companion Care, inc. – Protecting Communities through High Class in Home Care Solutions

Many seniors and disabled people living in America are not getting the level of care they require to live a comfortable life. Loved ones and hospital workers can only offer so much of their resources in order to take care of a patient’s personal needs and when these resources are exhausted the individual patient is left with a limited level of care. It’s for this reason that families of seniors and disabled adults living in the US are now looking to outside specialists for in home solution that will help them take care of their loved ones’ unique care requirements. Within this field, Companion Care, inc. is one of the best and brightest.

Companion Care is one of the leading care service providers in the State of Washington. The Woodinville, WA-based company provides services for clients across the region including in Woodinville, Kirkland, Bothell and Lynnwood. One of the top reasons why so many local area clients are now selecting the services of Companion Care for their unique care requirements is the fact that the company’s service catalogue is as comprehensive as their experience. They offer a broad array of in home care services to clients, whether those clients require 24/7 care or specialist help for a few hours per day for specific tasks. The company’s Care Management services are initialized by a conversation between the prospective patient’s family members and the care specialist about optimizing a care management strategy. During this meeting, clients will go over their unique medical needs with a company representative, who will identify specific solutions and services to respond to those needs.

Part of the company’s Care Management assistance services involves providing clients with a caregiver that has the optimal level of experience and training to respond to the client’s personal needs. Companion Care will make the selection based on the knowledge and experience of their staff and then introduce clients to the professional in order to begin the working relationship. One of the many differences between the Companion Care service and competitor services is that the company’s services don’t simply end after the caregiver matching process is complete. They monitor the client-caregiver relationship to ensure that all client needs are met on an on-going basis. Oftentimes, the client’s needs evolve and so the company’s representatives are constantly available for contact should the patient require further services outside the scope of their current caregiver’s qualifications.

Caring for individuals as they age takes great skill and an appreciation for seniors’ medical requirements. Companion Care’s staff truly understand the core elements involved in dementia care and provides a full suite of senior care solutions to ensure that each of the client’s needs are met with professionalism. Whether it’s medical reminders, light housekeeping, feeding or safety supervision, Companion Care’s full suite of senior care services are designed to help families attend to each of their loved one’s care needs while in their own home.

Offering comfort, support and medical expertise, Companion Care is truly one of the leading specialists serving Woodinville, Kirkland, Bothell and Lynnwood clients with in-home care services that set the industry standard. To learn more about the organization or book a consultation with a specialist contact the company today. Comforting services are a mere phone call away.

About Companion Care, inc.:

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Woodinville, WA, Companion Care, inc. is one of the foremost providers of in-home care solutions in the State of Washington. To learn more, please visit the company’s website at

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