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Companion Care’s In-Home Services Offering Client-Focused Alternative to Placement within Assisted Living Communities

In order to provide an alternative to moving their loved ones into assisted living facilities and adult family homes, many families are now searching for in-home caregivers to provide loved ones the care they need within the  environment in which they feel most comfortable – the family home. By bringing care within their home, seniors and those suffering with disabilities can gain the support of a professional caregiver while retaining their independence and a sense of control over their daily lives. As one of the leading in-home care providers serving the Woodinville, Kirkland, Bothell and Lynnwood communities, Companion Care has become a noted specialist within this field.

Companion Care is a company that thrives within the in-home care field by offering their clients access to a range of personalized care services designed to meet their unique requirements. The company’s professional team has the industry experience to assure a seamless approach to care management and it’s for this reason that many local area families are now making Companion Care their chosen specialist in charge of their loved one’s care regimen.

The company’s care services are based on a well-rounded approach to care management. The initial element within this client care strategy begins with a meeting between the family of the client, the client and a Companion Care representative to discuss their needs and how Companion Care can support them. During this initial meeting the Companion Care representative will go over the available options for the client and their family, so a customized approach can be created that takes into consideration that specific client’s personal needs. This foundation provides for a fine-tuned approach to care management going forward. During the client’s time working with Companion Care, a company representative will always be available for either family members, or the client themselves, to discuss optimizing the care management strategy as the client’s needs evolve. It’s this level of personalization that assisted living communities simply cannot match.

One of the organization’s areas of strength within the industry is the broad array of services they provide. The company offers unique services such as supporting Hospice agencies in development of care strategies, as well as developing dementia/Alzheimer’s care strategies. This ensures loved ones are cared for optimally by skilled professionals. They also offer their respite care services, which are designed to help family members manage the difficult task of maintaining a working and personal life while caring for a loved one.

Another service provided by the team at Companion Care is their overnight/live-in care service. The company offers this extended care solution because they know that a client’s care requirements are not always met with day-time services. Clients requiring care often need help getting in and out of bed, as well as moving to and from the bathroom during the evening. Companion Care can provide caregivers who will stay with clients throughout the night and can even offer live-in caregiver services for those clients who are at risk of injury if left alone for any periods of the day. Activities completed by Companion Care caregivers include a range of personal care services, such as meal preparation, light cleaning, laundry and more, to ensure that clients achieve the attention they require within their personal home environment.

Offering a cost-effective alternative care solution to placing loved ones within assisted living communities, Companion Care is now the leading choice for client-focused in-home care services. To learn more about the organization or to book an appointment with one of their team members, contact their company offices today.

About Companion Care:

Headquartered in Woodinville, WA, Companion Care is a leading provider of in-home care solutions in the Greater Seattle area. To learn more, please visit the company’s website at


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