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Responsive Senior Home Care Services Now Offered by Companion Care

Caring for an elderly relative can put an individual under a great degree of personal stress. It’s imperative to ensure that the needs of all family members are considered when creating a home care plan for a senior family member. It takes a specialist with comprehensive experience and industry-leading qualification to offer a recognized path to optimal care. And so residents of Woodinville, Kirkland, Bothell and Lynnwood continue to select Companion Care as their home care specialist.

Companion Care is truly committed to offering their home care clients the freedom to achieve a dignified lifestyle, while protecting them from the dangers posed within the home. The company offers hourly care and services that support both senior home care clients and disabled individuals in their efforts to secure a comfortable and safe residence. Licensed by the State of Washington as a Home Care Agency, the organization strives to continually improve their services in order to meet their clients’ evolving care requirements. This commitment is highlighted within the company service catalogue, which now includes a broad array of specialist services such as dementia care and end of life care. The company also offers care services directly to those who are recovering in hospital or rehabilitation facilities. This broad service scope ensures that clients achieve optimal care as their requirements change over time.

One of the company’s leading services is their overnight and live-in senior home care solution. This service is available for those whose care needs are not restricted to the daytime. It has been added to the company’s service list to cater to those who require extra help during the night time as well as those who may require assistance in preparing for bed and getting up out of bed in the morning. One of the great advantages for clients in securing such assistance is that they will be protected from the dangers of falling during the nighttime and they will also have a specialist on-hand to respond to any changes in their condition during the evening time. It’s this style of flexible care service plan for which Companion Care has become known throughout the industry.

Home care patients often have day-to-day needs that cannot be fulfilled by their family members due to working commitments and other events on the personal schedule. And so that’s why Companion Care is able to design complete service packages to suit all care requirements and schedules. These individual care packages can include any of the range of personalized services that are offered by the company.  For example, some clients simply require help tending to their garden and conducting other light housekeeping duties. And so Companion Care can provide such clients with the caregiver they require and ensure they have the support they need to live the type of lives they want, despite their evolving health needs.

As a true partner to families requiring senior home care services, Companion Care is a care industry leader. To learn more about the company, contact their Woodinville offices today to arrange a consultation.



About Companion Care:

Headquartered in Woodinville, WA, Companion Care is a leading provider of in-home care solutions in greater Seattle area. To learn more, please visit the company’s website at


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