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Kirkland senior homecare services mean safe transport for the elderly

If you have a senior family member who needs assistance with grocery shopping, getting to medical appointments, running errands and attending social events, homecare services offer the ideal support.

A fully trained and qualified member of the homecare team will be made available to drive your loved one to and from their destination, reliably and on time. In addition, homecare members will be able to safely assist disabled and frail seniors in getting them in and out of the car and wheelchair as well as accompany them on their errand or trip with assistance.

As part of these services, home care team members can ensure that clear communication occurs between your and your family and your medical practitioner as well as other care providers occurs and that any care advice is treatments and medication prescriptions are discussed and reviewed.

Professional family eldercare is about preserving independence and quality of life

Transport services for the elderly are not simply taxi services – they are tailored to your loved one’s exact needs to ensure he or she can continue to effectively manage daily tasks and live a quality, independent life. These services also relieve pressure on family members who have their own busy lives to lead and need assistance from a trusted provider.

With Companion Care, you and your loved one will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’re putting your needs first. We provide senior citizens with services that are efficient, compassionate and professional – empowering them to live their lives to the full – while giving families the peace of mind they need, knowing their loved one is in the best hands.

If you’d like to find out more about our transport services for the elderly or how we can incorporate our senior care services to assist your elderly family members, please contact us today and speak to our care management specialists.


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