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What to do if you are a family caregiver overwhelmed with caring

Being a caregiver to an elderly or disabled family member can quickly become overwhelming, no matter how much or how little care your loved one requires. Managing your own career, and life while taking on the day-to-day care of a loved one can result in caregiver burnout – which can result in symptoms of Depression.

  • Feeling of helplessness
  • Increased feelings of anger and frustration
  • Increased fatigue along with changed sleep patterns and insomnia
  • Feeling as though you are operating on a constant state of alertness, never relaxing
  • Withdrawing from social events, feeling lonely or isolated

ver Caregiver burnout not only affects the level of care you are able to provide to your loved one, it also has serious consequences for you and your quality of life. So, what’s the solution?

Support plays a vital role in allowing caregivers the space needed to live a fulfilling life while still enjoying the company of their elderly or disabled family member. While friends and family are vital to providing this homecare agencies can serve an even more essential role. With dedicated, compassionate caregivers on call whenever you need them – whether for 24 hour home care or respite care for a few hours – you will get the peace of mind you need to manage your life and provide the love and care your family member needs.

Home care provides a safe, professional alternative

Home care is fast becoming the preferred choice for families with elderly or disabled loved ones who need compassionate, competent care – and it’s easy to see why. Your loved one gets to stay in the comfortable surroundings of his or her home and experiences minimal disruption to their daily lives.

At Companion Care, our aim is to deliver home care services which help your loved one achieve the highest quality of life,., We provide services all tailored to your needs. our team members and staff are exceptionally qualified and have undergone strict background checks to guarantee your family member is safe and cared for at all times. To find out more about our home care services, please contact us today.

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