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Home care agency or private caregiver: pros and cons

One of the biggest decisions for families looking for the right home care option for their loved one is whether to go with a private caregiver or a home care agency. Here are some of the key differences between these two options to help you make an informed decision.

  • Customization – There are a range of services different private caregivers provide – some specialize in nursing or Alzheimer’s patients, while others are great daily companions – so it can be difficult to find just the right person to care for your loved one. At a home care agency, however, you will go through a detailed interview process where all your care questions are answered. At Companion Care, we will draw up a detailed care plan which is completely customized to meet your loved one’s needs – we also identify the personalities that may best suit your love one and then match them with one of our caregivers
  • Dependability – Private caregivers do not usually have a person as a backup if they should become sick or need to take a break. At Companion Care home care services it is our responsibility to have a backup caregiver at all times. We also bonded and insure in the event that your caregiver is injured on the job you will not be held accountable
  • Caregivers often have no flexibility in their schedule to take on life’s unexpected curveballs, which is understandable because they are just one person. Home care agencies on the other hand can easily accommodate any last minute care needs. This is ideal if you suddenly have to travel, for example, and need full time care services rather than your usual respite care or you are suddenly unable to take your loved one to an appointment or social engagement.
  • Expertise – Choosing a private caregiver puts a lot of responsibility in your hands, from checking on their referrals and qualifications to making sure the standard of care is consistently high. A reputable home care agency takes all this responsibility from you, from comprehensive background screenings on all employees to rigorous training and performance reviews, to ensure clients get the best possible care.

Safe, professional elder care whenever you need it

Companion Care is a leading provider of elder care services in the Woodinville and greater Washington area. All of our staff undergoes comprehensive background screening and we ensure all our clients undergo a thorough care management process, which includes a free consultation to identify exactly how we can assist you and your family member. Our services cover a wide range of offerings from simple companionship and home management to 24 hour nursing and end of life care, so that all your loved one’s current and future needs are covered.

To find out more about our family elder care services or our home care agency, please contact us today.


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