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The importance of financial planning as part of family elder care

We’ve all heard about retirement planning and estate planning, but have you considered elder care planning? While living longer is a blessing, it does come at a cost – especially if you want to have the highest quality of life.

Elder care planning refers to the time in your life where you are no longer physically or mentally able to live independently. Although many people find this difficult to think about, it’s best to plan ahead for this time to ensure maximum comfort and care for our spouses and ourselves.

For many families, the duty for caring for elderly loved ones falls to them – and while this is a rewarding time, it can also affect the families’ finances as well as overload them with responsibilities which may be difficult to handle along with everything else they need to manage in your life. Planning ahead for home care services will reduce this burden and allow you to enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Professional family eldercare is about preserving independence and quality of life

One of the biggest benefits of home care is it allows the elder person to stay home and maintain as much independence as possible. Often, the cost of having someone come to your home is less expensive then the cost of moving to an assisted living and having care provided there.. With diverse home care services which can help you with everything from housekeeping to assisting with your personal care needs you will be able to stay in the home and community you love for as long as possible.

At Companion Care, we specialize in providing the widest range of home care services, from respite care to end of life care and everything in between to Lynnwood and the greater Washington area. Our process will help match clients with a caregiver that your loved one enjoys spending time with and who will implement a fully customizable care plan to meet all his or her needs.

To find out more about our family elder care services or our home care agency, please contact us today.


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