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Services Companion Care caregivers provide for our elderly clients

When your parents, grandparents or loved ones are showing signs of aging after retirement, it’s common for families to become more and more concerned with their everyday well being. Whether you are worried because they should not be driving, are isolated at home, forgetting to take their medications or unable to take care of their home, it’s important t to remember that home care agencies can provide caregiver services to assist your senior loved ones.

Caregivers are essential to support everyday living tasks such as grocery shopping, driving to and from appointments, housekeeping, laundry and personal including bathing, toileting can all be handled by an experienced and friendly caregiver as often as it is required. If your senior loved one is home alone often and you are worried about them becoming lonely, caregivers are also able to assist by providing companionship, transport to see friends, as well accompany them to social outings.

These services provide exceptional peace of mind for families, especially those who live far away or have other family responsibilities. You can adjust the schedule to suit you and your loved one’s changing needs.

Companion Care caregivers in Kenmore provide comfort, independence and quality of life

At Companion Care, we offer a wide range of services to choose from to ideally fit your budget and needs. All of our caregivers are highly qualified, experienced, friendly and passionate about the work we do.

During our service process, we work with you and your elderly loved one to ensure our services and caregivers provide assistance that preserves independence and quality of life even with end of life care. We also work hard to find a caregiver with whom your loved one can feel comfortable and have a pleasurable

For more information on our services in Kenmore and surrounds, please contact us today.


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