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Respite care for the elderly in Woodinville

Being the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one can be taxing as well as rewarding – especially if you have other obligations like a career and family of your own. Fortunately, respite care offers caregivers the essential time off they need to take care of other family members, run errands or simply to recharge.

With access to reliable, professional respite care, you have more control over organizing your own life with none of the guilt. You will have all the time you want to get on top of other obligations, see your child’s play or go on a date night knowing your loved one is being expertly cared for and has the companionship he or she needs. Respite care also offers you the chance to de-stress and take care of yourself – leaving you refreshed and better able to care for your loved one.

By calling upon a caring and skilled caregiver to perform the day to day tasks that may overwhelm you as the caregiver for a loved one, you can be free to spend more time doing what really matters – enjoying your loved one’s company.

Safe, professional elder care in Woodinville whenever you need it

At Companion Care, all our respite care providers are highly qualified, fully screened and experienced in caring for elderly people with a wide variety of needs. Whether your loved one needs housekeeping done, medication managed, meals prepared or errands run, we can provide you with compassionate service.

In addition, our caregivers are able to provide expert assistance for elderly people with more complex medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s or dementia. From providing a few hours of supervision to covering 24 hour care when you are away on business or a holiday, respite caregivers are there to give you and your loved one peace of mind.

For more information on these services, please contact us today.


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