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Coronavirus Keeping Our Clients Safe

I am writing this blog to report on how Companion Care is working with our caregivers to ensure that we are doing all that we can to prevent any of our client’s from being exposed to the coronavirus(COVID 19). First, to date we do not have any infections from the virus to report for either caregivers or clients. Our policy to remove any employee from the schedule if they report any type of symptoms or have had exposure to someone that has the virus is in place. All of our staff understand they must report to the office if they fit in this category. I have instructing each employee that shows any type of symptoms to ask their doctor to be tested for the virus. The Department of Health includes health care workers as a priority for being tested.

​All of our caregivers are committed to the health and well being of their clients. They are very aware of the risks in exposing our clients to any virus and take that responsibility very seriously. You can trust that our staff will do everything possible to prevent our clients from being put at risk.​

I hope you feel comfortable in continuing your services with our caregivers so we can ensure that they are employed and available to you in the future

Thank You

Stay Safe!

Merri Klein, President

Companion Care Inc.


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